Experiments in polyphasic sleeping

Rumors and anecdotes on the net tell of a strange group of people scattered throughout all continents who manage to live with as little as 2 hours sleep per day – without going nuts within weeks. They not even get tired or so they claim.

The excercise they perform is called polyphasic sleeping and the trick seems quite simple: Sleep not once (which is monophasic sleeping) or twice (which would be a siesta) but multiple time throughout the day. Many little naps are more effective than one big chunk of sleep at once.

While it can be regarded as common knowledge that small naps taken at points when a person gets tired is very beneficial the big question is:

Is it really possible to substitute nightsleep and by doing so
to reduce the overall need for sleep substantially?

Why would a sane person even try something like this? There are multiple reasons.

First, it is a personal challenge like climbing a mountain or running a marathon – not much to gain from, but very satisfying anyways.

But there are also very practical reasons: In theory you gain up to 6 additional waking hours per day which is a plus of more than 40%! So throughout a lifetime you can essentially gain an additional 20 years of conscious life – there are many people who would kill for that.

Or if you take a shorter perspective: If you normally work 8 hours a day, sleep another 8 and spend another 2 hours to take care of your personal needs like eating and such, you are left with 4 hours of free time. If you manage to reduce your sleep to 2 hours per day, you gain 150% of free time to spend each day. Now this could certainly change one’s life.

About this site

On this site, I document in great detail my own experiments with different polyphasic sleep plans. It s intended to be a source for everyone who is interested in trying this out for himself. The main part of this site is a big diary like record of all experiences with polyphasic sleeping, grouped together in different experiments.

Since I am a kind of “quantified self” guy, I support this by tracking exact data like “times aslee”p and “tiredness” – and this I do 24/7 during the experiments.

I try to provide this data as unbiased as possible and of course it is a purely personal experience. If I find the time, I also plan to release a little polyphasic tracking and supporting app which will allow a community of people to track, compare and publish there own experiences and might even prove to be a body of data for a true scientific research.

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