Ready…Set…Go! Living on everyman-3 for 1 hour now!

OK. This was basically the last monophasic night yesterday and right now I am looking forward for heavy drowsiness and psychological exhaustion :-)


Again nothing very special today. We had a quite active day (lots of physical activities), which makes me yearning to sleep already (it’s just 00:15 right now :-( ).

But hey: That is what it is all about. Beat your tiredness!

Here is the average of my alertness calculated from these 3 days:


What I would not have thought: My average high seems to be around 11:00-13:00, followed by a low at16:00 – 18:00.

To compare this with polyphasic sleep, from monophasic sleep I can say that I get

  • 11 hours with “alertness/productivity” of 7 or more,
  • 6 hours with alertness of “5 to 6.999”
  • and 8 hours of sleep.

In order to have one single number to track, I define overall productivness as follows:

Alertness value Weight (Productivity)
9 4
8 3
7 2
6 1
5 0.5
0..4 0

So my average “productivity score” and the reference value per day is now: 11*2+5+0.5 = 27.5

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