Everyman3 / Day 2 – Who needs to sleep anyway?

OK. Now this goes amazingly well! Day two saw a slight oversleep in the morning (30 minutes). This will be a bit of a challenge. Sleeping in my own bed beside my lovely wife makes getting up fast more difficult. And if the kids join us it is even harder to just jump up and get out.


But was astonishes me: No sleep deprivation so far even after 64 hours with only 8 hours of sleep (-50%).

The same day / night on uberman looked much worse, three weeks ago:image

Heavy sleep deprivation. Much less energy  during the day.

Well. Lets wait what the next days bring. Everyman is supposed to delay sleep deprivation and to have a much longer adaption period then uberman.

One thing: My sleeping discipline did even get worse compared to yesterday: Core nap was 30 minutes late (04;00 instead of 03:30). First nap was two hours(!) late (13:30 instead of 11:30). Second nap even 2,5 hours (20:00 instead of 17:30) and the third nap 30 minutes late (23:00 instead of 22:30).

This must end immediatly or the track will not be very useful (and if I do not adapt I will never know whether this was due to a look of accuracy(discipline).

On the positive side though: My energy and motivation is quite high. Got a lot done today and am still working (00:30 on tuesday). I think this is mainly due to my new engagement with “Getting things done” – it is always amazing how much energy results from just getting all GTD systems updated and running (which I did today).

I will definitely write a bit more about the combination GTD/Polyphasic during the next days.

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