Everyman3 / Day 7 – Back on track

Well after the rebuke from Silvio in the comments section yesterday AND the arrival of my brand new ZEO Sleep Manager I was quite motivated to stop overextending the nightly nap and behold – I did it.


The first recorded core. My scheduled time for core is 03:30 to 06:30. I told my zeo to wake me at 06:45 and put the smart sleep timer to an interval of 30 minutes.

So zeo can choose from an interval between 06:15 and 06:45, whenever it thinks the best point in time is there. It was 06:45 indeed. I went to bed at 03:35, fell asleep withing 4 minutes and slept 03:08 hours without waking up.

One thing I observed: The data from my nap yesterday vanished! I already found out that this is due the web app which tries to collect only one sleeping period per night. On the mobile device the data is still visible.

This is very bad, because the whole point of using the zeo while doing polyphasic sleeping is to find out, if and how the structure of the naps change with adaption.

I will have to find a workaround to fetch the data right from the device. Alvaro blogged about extracting data from zeo for example some time ago.


We were at the wedding of my wive’s brother yesterday, so I knew it would be hard to get the naps as scheduled. 11:30 was still at home. 17:30 I took in our van right in front of the party area – unfortunately I had no power connector for the 12V electricity so I could not track the data with zeo and it did not get recorded else (tried to “import” it). But it was very refreshing and I think bot worse than napping in bed.

At 22:30 we were on the Autobahn with the whole family and still some 2 hours to go – no way. Postponed this nap grudingly until after arrival (took it at 0:45 then – very hard indeed. This was the first one were I was awoken by the alarm).

So regarding the circumstances a very good day with regards to accuracy.

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