Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you: the Flexman!

Now “Hopping Man” would just have been too ridiculous, even though I prefer not to take this too serious. It shall be also fun after all.

Flexman is a somewhat different category than the other schedules. It’s more kind of a “meta”-schedule with the explicit goal of sustainability and compatibility to a more “regular life style”.

OK. Let me describe to you what I mean when I talk of a “Flexman” schedule. You should already be familiar with the different terms for sleeping schedules that are used among polyphasic sleepers like “uberman, freeman, everyman, dymaxion, …”.

The problem with most of these schedules is that you have to stick to them more or less accurate in order to prevent becoming sleep deprived. This is certainly true for “uberman” but also for the thougher flavors of everyman.

Now in “real life” this often becomes a problem soon. There are just days when you can not take your naps as planned. Or you get sick. If this throws you off track and you experience a serious penalty in form of heavy sleep deprivation, then your motivation will soon evaporate.

From my own experiences while playing with polyphasic sleeping patterns, I believe that it is possible to train yourselve to not only be able to sleep polyphasic, but to easily switch to and from polyphasic sleeping at will.

I claim that it is possible to reduce the adaption phase to almost zero. This means that once trained, you can just start anytime to sleep polyphasic after a period of monophasic sleeping and of course vice versa.

My idea is that in order to develop this ability you have to train not only polyphasic sleeping (i.e. napping) but also to switch from mono to polyphasic sleeping and back.

This is of course a more long time oriented training program. You probably would have to achieve the ability to “nap”, i.e. to sleep within any polyphasic pattern BEFORE starting to hop from and to polyphasic sleep. Then the “switching training” could start, which probably will take multiple months at least.

The main metric which is targeted by this training program is:

  • Time sleep deprived during the first 4 polyphasic days“.

The goal is to minimize this metric. It should be almost zero if one has achieved the ability to “hop” or “switch”.

The parameters to chose for “Flexman” are

  • the polyphasic schedule to use (Uberman, Everyman, …?)
  • The length of intervals (both poly- and monophasic)
  • Equidistance of poly and monophasic periods.

The longer the intervals, the less you “switch” (hence train). On the other hand, the shorter the intervals, the less you in fact do polpyphasic sleep at all.

I will start a program with Everyman3 as the polyphasic core and weekly intervals with 5 days polyphasic, 2 days monophasic.

To be able exactly name this thing, I suggest the following identifier for this schedule:

  • Flexman E3 (5,2)

–> Meaning I will do a Flexman with “E3” as core and 5 days poly, 2 days monophasic sleep.

Other variants would be for example

  • Flexman U (3,1)

Flexman with uberman as core and 3 days poly,1 day monophasic sleep.

  • Flexman F (*)

Flexman with Freeman as core and varying periods (The REALLY Flex man).

So much for the time being. I will flesh this out a bit more during the first days.

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  1. Stenemo

    This is an interesting idea, I hope and am optimistic that our bodies are able to adapt to switching between different schedules. Keep up the good experimenting! :p

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