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The image here is showing the expected end result after successful transfomation to a typical uberman. As of today I am still waiting for the first green spots to appear – but they will come. I’m quite sure of this.

Although I am not very shy about revealing personal details to the bad internet, I decided to go by the artist’s name of


for the time being. Babbo was originally an orc warrior in the lands of Kalimdor back in the year of 2005. Nowadays he is only seldom seen, roaming the plains of beloved Durotar.

Since the environment in which such an experiment is taking place has certainly a big impact on the outcome, here a little background about the setting in mid 2012:

At the moment of this writing in July 2012, I am 38 years old. I have five kids, two of them (9 and 11 years old) living with my ex some 500 km from here. The other three (3 year old twins and the youngest who is almost two years now) live with me and my wife in the city of Leipzig, eastern Germany.

I am and have always been self employed and owner of a little software company in the field of business communication technology. Right now I work 50:50 as software developer / architect and consultant. The former can be mostly done from my home office which gives me absolute power over my schedules. The consulting tasks on the other hand normally require my presence – I think I can manage them though by use of our van as a mobile “nap station”. This worked already dozens of times.

So with regards to getting “uberman” working, this setting has pros and cons:


  • Most time full power over schedule because of Self-Employment / Development
  • Boredom will be no topic – I can think of many projects that I could work on at once.
  • Some experience with “power napping”, i.e. falling asleep fast for a short duration.
  • Some history in overcoming physical inconveniances (zero-diet, Marathon preparation, …).


  • Family + Business are quite challenging with regards to time and (related) money.
  • Business will not always allow to schedule meetings around naps – but I will do my best to get a real excentric image with my customers hence forwards.

Overall I think it will do. Maybe it’s easier if you are a twenty something student without a current relationship who only answers for himself. But we all know that for most people at this age agreeing to a rigid schedule such as this is all but impossible. So I even prefer my more “boring” adult like situation right now, as long as I have the full support of my family.

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