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Once the decision is made – why wait even a single day?

Day 0 – Everyman3 started – without any preparation

OK, maybe I should have prepared at least mentally a bit, but on the other hand: Why? I am surely motivated to have another go. So without further ado I jumped right into the next polyphasic cycle after not even thinking about the whole topic for more than a year. Kind of crazy, but exciting anyways. Continue reading

Ho out there – I am still alive and planning a comeback

What a year – vanished, but will be back soon

Is it really more than a year already? Wow. Time flies by. Won’t tell you much about what happens. Just this – we got into decent unexpected financial trouble last year and were even forced to move from our home. The situation is still not completely under control, but everything is on track again. Except – my biggest current customer filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago. Argh. Again. But this is certainly no topic for this blog. Good news is the family came out unscathed – just richer in experience :-) Continue reading

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you: the Flexman!

Now “Hopping Man” would just have been too ridiculous, even though I prefer not to take this too serious. It shall be also fun after all.

Flexman is a somewhat different category than the other schedules. It’s more kind of a “meta”-schedule with the explicit goal of sustainability and compatibility to a more “regular life style”.

Continue reading