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Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you: the Flexman!

Now “Hopping Man” would just have been too ridiculous, even though I prefer not to take this too serious. It shall be also fun after all.

Flexman is a somewhat different category than the other schedules. It’s more kind of a “meta”-schedule with the explicit goal of sustainability and compatibility to a more “regular life style”.

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Hopping – A new approach to polyphasic sleeping?

One thing I observed during the last weeks is that I can switch between monophasic and polyphasic sleeping without any problem. The ability to “nap” is there. And also to sleep a full night.

Now, I did not really “adapt” to any pattern so far, but I wonder if it would not be possible to specifically train the ability to “hop” from polyphasic to monophasic and back at will.

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A polyphasic training program

Looking back at my just finished attempt at everyman3 (sleeping 3 hours per night and

taking three 20 minutes naps a day), I am still astonished how very easy and smooth I adapted to this schedule. I expected (for good reasons) at least frequent periods of heavy drowsiness and sleep deprivation. Come on: I only slept for 4 hours each day.

But no: I tracked every sleeping and waking hour and there definitly was almost no sleep deprivation at all. Now I am specualting if this has something to do with the uberman experiment I did three weeks earlier.

Can this be a kind of training effect?

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