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Once the decision is made – why wait even a single day?

Day 0 – Everyman3 started – without any preparation

OK, maybe I should have prepared at least mentally a bit, but on the other hand: Why? I am surely motivated to have another go. So without further ado I jumped right into the next polyphasic cycle after not even thinking about the whole topic for more than a year. Kind of crazy, but exciting anyways. Continue reading

Help! I want my naps back!

Monophasic sleeping is making me tired!

Just a quick glance at my first three monophasic nights after two weeks on Everyman3 –> I cannot compare the zeo data to “Pre-Polyphasic” sleeps, since I only purchased it recently but I think I sleep pretty much the same as before the experiment.

And I have the same “energy curve” during the day as before (did not track this so far though) with two “lows” in the morning hours at about 9 to 10 and one in the evenening from 5 to 8. Overall I am certainly not fitter than during everyman – au contraire.


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A polyphasic training program

Looking back at my just finished attempt at everyman3 (sleeping 3 hours per night and

taking three 20 minutes naps a day), I am still astonished how very easy and smooth I adapted to this schedule. I expected (for good reasons) at least frequent periods of heavy drowsiness and sleep deprivation. Come on: I only slept for 4 hours each day.

But no: I tracked every sleeping and waking hour and there definitly was almost no sleep deprivation at all. Now I am specualting if this has something to do with the uberman experiment I did three weeks earlier.

Can this be a kind of training effect?

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Everyman3 / Day 14 – What a glorious end!

This was the icing on the cake. An almost artistic, poetical application of everyman3 in unusual circumstances. And a much much better end than the one on uberman, three weeks ago (Uberman / Day 14 – What an unworthy end).

What happened? It was high time again for me to visit my two elder sons who live near the city of Stuttgart, some 500km from here. Normally it takes me 4 hours by car taking the Autobahn, but I decided to go by motorbike, avoid the Autobahn completly and drive over land instead. And being a polyphaser, I went by night


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