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Preparing for SPAMAYL– T minus 64 hours. Here is the plan.

All right, after one complete “sabbatical” week without any polyphasic sleep related activity (not even a single blog entry – shame on me), I can’t stand it anymore Smiley. UbermanNoSleepLogoSmaller

No – seriously. After all this logging and blogging, I was very conscious about whether I am fit or tired or in between, even if I did not write it up and I am absolutely sure:

During the two weeks on everyman3 I was definitely fitter than I am now. Due to napping on a regular base, I guess. Sleeping monophasic, I have the typical “downs” during a day which were all but absent before.

And hell – I am missing it! It really feels like forfeiting a good part of my live for naught. Crazy, isn’t it?

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