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Once the decision is made – why wait even a single day?

Day 0 – Everyman3 started – without any preparation

OK, maybe I should have prepared at least mentally a bit, but on the other hand: Why? I am surely motivated to have another go. So without further ado I jumped right into the next polyphasic cycle after not even thinking about the whole topic for more than a year. Kind of crazy, but exciting anyways. Continue reading

Freeman / Day 1 – This will not do! But the app is nice!

OK. First day on Freeman / SPAMAYL is over and I must admit I was quite tired – not have been so tired once on everyman3.

And as I feared: I have problems with this “free” schedule – namely I just forget to nap.

Here is the first chart which was taken from the brand new app:


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First version of app released! – Freeman started

Hooray! The very first usable version of the uberman tracking app is online!

Great you think? Where can I get it? Hah. This is only for me alone! I will tell nobody!

No, serious now: As murphy is always right, I became very busy over the last two days and could not finish the thing on time, so I just pumped out a “quick’n dirty” solution for me to use with my current Freeman schedule (which I started tonight). It just lets me track naps and “level of tiredness” with my mobile phone with just one click…


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Preparing for SPAMAYL – T minus 34 – The tracking app takes shape!

Approximately 34 hours until my first SPAMAYL (Freeman) nap.image

And I want to log each and every nap with the uberman tracking app. So I really have to be quick about coding within the next two days. But the basic infrastructure (Architecture, Deployment, Unit Tests, Build Server) and core administrative features (User and Role Management) are finished. The beta server is ready as well. Today I will flesh it out a bit, as follows below and release it to the public beta server by tomorrow evening (only IF no customer interferes, which is always possible).

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Having fun with uberman? Well of course!

I had a discussion with my wife regarding the “List of sleepyheads” feature I talked about in one of my last posts.

We further developed the idea. What about strengthening the community aspect of this app in general? And introducing some play elements while we are at it? Or would this be counterproductive with regards to our more serious scientific goals?


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The list of sleepyheads – do not oversleep or else […]

Just had an idea while taking a shower (I always have ideas there), which I want to share with you and ask your opinion.

imageIt concerns the problem of oversleeping, i.e. not getting up from a nap right after the alarm rings. I think one problem for most polyphasers is, that we are doing this thing alone. Some of us blog of course.

But at the very moment you have to leave your bed, nobody is there and nobody really cares if you just close your eyes (for just one more minute of course).

Well imagine how the situation would change, if you would be under public surveillance and even be subject to (slight) humilation if you are weak and cannot resist oversleeping? Sounds like a funny and helpful community feature for the app.

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